Truffle Resources – The 2000 Pezizales project presents a catalog of known taxa belonging to the order Pezizales. It provides nomenclatural notes for each taxon, the diagnosis, color pictures and a distribution map. It is a long-term project but we hope that it will be possible to present the 2000 species of Pezizales known in the world (the estimation of Dictionary of Fungi, in 2008, was 1683 taxa). Be careful, the items presented here do not represent a monographic work.

Cyberlibe: An Electronic Library for Mycology. The objective of this website is to facilitate access to that literature by providing bibliographic lists of references. The present version of the site provides extensive bibliographic information for mycological publications, most dating from the early 1800s to the 1980s, and covering many works in Russian and Ukrainian.

Evolution of truffles, morels and relatives (Pezizales) – This research aims to generate a robust genome-scale phylogenomic framework of fungi in the Pezizales for hypothesis testing, while training the next generation of systematists in state-of-the-art and classic techniques in fungal systematics and biodiversity inquiry.

Midwest American Mycological Information – This nonprofit organization was incorporated in Michigan and is organized for charitable, educational and scientific purposes devoted to mycology.

North American Truffle Growers Association – The mission of the North American Truffle Growers Association (NATGA) is to promote awareness, growth, and development of the truffle industry in North America.

North American Truffling Society – The North American Truffling Society is a non-profit organization based in Corvallis, Oregon, that brings together amateurs and professionals who are interested in hypogeous (belowground) fungi. The mission of NATS is to enhance the scientific knowledge of North American truffles and truffle-like fungi, and promote educational activities related to truffles and truffle-like fungi.

Oregon Truffle Festival – The Oregon Truffle Festival (OTF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and one of the country’s most esteemed culinary events. Devoted to Oregon’s native truffles and the burgeoning cultivation of European truffles in the state, the festival has been featured in Departures, the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The New York Times, Saveur​, and National Geographic, among others. In 2020, OTF was voted the #5 Specialty Food Festival in the country by readers of USA Today.

Pecan Truffles – There is great interest in pecan truffles from a culinary standpoint, and they are currently harvested on a very limited basis in Georgia.  This is still a cottage industry with a small but expanding group of individuals harvesting truffles from local pecan orchards and directly marketing to individual restaurants.

Truffling for Science – Exploring underground fungi diversity with dog-found truffles.