• Tuber canaliculatum (the Michigan truffle)

    Tuber canaliculatum (the Michigan truffle)

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Truffles are iconic organisms that significantly impact regional economies and contribute to the cultural and social identity of nations (e.g., the French Black Périgord, the Italian White Truffle), and they are arguably one of the most highly prized specialty crops in the world.

Truffles grow naturally in forests and tree plantations and form mutualistic mycorrhizal symbioses on roots and act as bio-fertilizers and bio-protectants that improve plant growth, nutrition, and resistance to disease. As such, truffle fungi are the ultimate specialty crop: (1) they command a high market value; (2) their growth and consumption is compatible and beneficial to other agricultural commodities and production systems; and (3) once established, truffle production can persist for decades to the benefit of rural economies.